Unfermented Bread and Wine

In certain Christian denominations, people are seriously thinking they are eating God when they go to communion to receive the Eucharist. They do not only believe God incarnated some two thousend years ago, but think he still does it daily, by transforming Himself in bread and wine, so that believers can receive God literally in them. (?!?) Many of those Christians believing so, are eager to eat God, though they do not want to chew on Him, because that would not be proper and therefore they let Him melt on their tongue. Concerning the wine some believe that is only allowed to the priest and on special occasions to celebrate a certain covenant or arrangement, like by a marriage where the couple is also allowed to have a sip of the wine.

From the letters of the apostles, we learn that the disciples of Christ with the other followers of Christ came together, not only to read in the Torah or Scriptures, but also to gather around the table to eat bread and drink wine in remembrance of what Jesus did on the night of his ‘last supper” with his disciples.

In several religious groups there have through the years always have been lots of discussions what sort of bread one has to use for the Eucharist and what sort of wine or even grapefruit because some find that Christians may not use alcohol.

Unfermented Bread and Wine

If the Lord had desired the Memorial Feast was to be kept with unleavened bread and unfermented wine he would have said so; but he didn’t. In fact, it is very doubtful if there is such a thing as unfermented “wine”.  The only wine we read of in the Bible is that which when reasonably used “maketh glad the heart of man” (Psalm civ. 15); and which, when taken to excess, “is a mocker” (Prov. xx. 1).

Evidently that is what the early believers used, for Paul uses the word “drunken” in connection therewith (1Cor. xi. 21).

As to whether the bread be leavened or unleavened, it matters not either way. The leaven we have to avoid is that referred to by Paul:

“The leaven of malice and wickedness” (1 Cor. v. 8).



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