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The Bible, so we are told by the Rev. Roswell D. Hitchcock in a book published in 1870, contains exactly 773,692 words. Of these, 592,439 are in the Old Testament and 181,253 are in the New Testament. The Rev. Mr. Hitchcock was quite a Biblical statistician. He writes just how many chapters there are, how many verses, and, if you have a head for figures, how many letters (!) there are in the Authorized Version. All right, if you must know: there are 3,566,480 letters in the Bible, of which 838,380 are in the New Testament; a simple exercise in subtraction will give you the number in the Old Testament.

English: The Bible

THE Bible is accepted as one of the greatest masterpieces of the world’s literature. The  grandeur of the opening chapters of Genesis and of John’s Gospel, the moving poetry of the Psalms, the fiery denunciations of the Hebrew prophets, the compelling records of the life and work of Jesus, and the apocalyptic mysteries of the Book of Revelation – all these serve together to set the Bible in a class of its own. It is quite unrivalled by any other work, in any language or from any age. But it is more than this: the Bible claims to be the written word of God.

The world’s most remarkable book

The Bible’s contents are of the greatest antiquity. Parts of it are over 3,000 years old and, as any historian worth his salt will tell you, it contains the oldest and the most reliable records of ancient history ever written. Time and again its narratives have been shown to
contain a remarkably accurate account of people, of places, and of events of bygone ages.

No other book in the world can begin to compare with the Bible for the way it helps us both to understand the past and thereby largely to explain the present.
The Bible’s influence on the history of civilisation has been enormous. As the textbook of two of the great religions of the world (Judaism and Christianity) it has been a source of morality and enlightenment to countless millions down the centuries. Translated into almost 1,500 different languages, it has also been produced in Braille, shorthand and, in recent times, in machine-readable format for use on computers. In an age of rationalism and materialism, when disrespect for ancient traditions has almost become a fashion, the Bible has still managed to preserve something of an aura of uniqueness. It stands head and shoulders above all the very greatest in the literature of the world and has strong claims on our attention and respect.

New English Bible

New English Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bible is also very big business. Ask any of the dozen or so Bible publishers who  compete so fiercely for this particular corner of the world’s book market! In the last forty years alone the eight new Bible versions published in English have sold well in excess of 100 million copies. Worldwide sales of the Good News Bible (1976) stand at over 7 million; the New English Bible (1970) has sold over 10 million; about 23 million copies of the Living Bible have been bought since 1971; and sales of the New International Version topped a million copies within less than a year of its publication date in 1979. Even King James’s allegedly outdated Authorised Version of 1611 still brings in every year over a million pounds in revenue for its publishers. The Bible is without doubt the world’s best-selling
book. And if to these mind-boggling commercial publishing statistics are added all the Bibles distributed freely in the U.K. and throughout the world by the Gideons (over 70 million copies) and the Bible Society (a staggering estimated 1,000 million), the numbers of Bibles produced must far outstrip anything ever printed and published in the history of mankind.


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    Three editions of the Ilocano Bible published by the Philippine Bible Society. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: Old Testament - Douay Bible - 1609 - ...

Old Testament – Douay Bible – 1609 – English College, University of Douai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




bibles (Photo credit: fancycwabs)

Users can read the full report entitled, “The Benefits of Bimodal Content Presentation” at:

  • Biblica Cleans Up the Bible with New “Books of the Bible” Release (
    Most Christians are aware that there is a curse at the end of Revelation for anyone who messes with the Bible. The Apostle John said, “If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God will take away his part from the Book of Life…” Okay, some may argue this curse only applies to the Book of Revelation, but since it is part of the Bible, that point is moot.
  • Bible Still Ranks High In Increasingly Secular Culture
    What do Americans actually think about the Bible? Do they believe it to be sacred, authoritative or merely nonsense? Do they try to follow its exhortations, or do they regard the Bible as antiquated literature? Does the Bible still matter?
    Barna siad, in terms of demographic breakdowns, about eight out of ten (79%) Mosaics (people aged 18-28) own a Bible, compared with nearly all (95%) Elders (who are ages 65-plus). And while it might not be surprising that religiously devoted Christians own Bibles, the study finds that six out of ten Americans (59%) who have no faith or who identify as atheists own a Bible. Despite many aspects of society that are secularizing, penetration of Scripture remains high in 2013.Eight out of ten (80%) Americans identify the Bible as sacred literature, without any prompting from interviewers. That proportion has also dipped from 2011, when 85% of respondents affirmed this perspective of the Bible. Americans’ overall belief in Scripture’s sacredness may also explain why almost two-thirds (61%) of American adults also say they wish they read the Bible more, Barna reported.
  • King James Bible Celebrates 400th Anniversary
  • Review: The C.S. Lewis Bible
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  • Picking a Bible Translation (
    This post is meant to help our customers figure out which translation and edition of the Bible they need at the moment. Lots of people come into Crux and say “I need a Bible,” expecting that to be enough information. Little do they realize that we have a whole wall filled with Bibles. You think that sometimes there are too many decisions to make in a restaurant after you’ve decided what to order?
    The translations listed above each have different philosophies and goals. Some are more word for word, or literal, translations (NASB and ESV), others are phrase by phrase translations (NIV, NLT, the Message). Some translations use modern language but aim to sound traditional (New King James Version, NRSV), and others try to use a limited vocabulary for ease of understanding (Good News, CEV). Some are tied to a denomination (for example, the NAB is Roman Catholic), many are translated by an interdenominational group of people (NRSV, NIV).
  • 4 Easy Ways to Engage with the Bible (

     With audio Bibles, the Bible App can read to you on the go, whether you’re commuting, exercising, working, even reading along. Listen to select Bible versions in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish!
    The link below is to an article that looks at a version of the Bible that’s an App, called ‘YouVersion,’ it’s the Bible App for smartphones.
    > A free Bible on your phone, tablet, and computer.

    The Next Bible
    One of the first post-Jesus earthquakes to rock the Christian world came in the mid-15th century, when Johannes Gutenberg, a German goldsmith, former soldier, and serial entrepreneur, used a novel invention—wooden letters that could be inked, replaced, and moved—to print a moveable type book. At 42 lines per page, and 180 copies in the first run, the Gutenberg Bible didn’t exactly seem like an instrument of spiritual revolution at first.
    The second Biblical revolution is—believe it or not—headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma (pop. 83,000). That’s where a church called “,” a young tech-savvy Christian by the name of Bobby Gruenewald, and his pastor, Craig Groeschel, are changing the way people read holy texts. It’s called YouVersion—“the Bible app”—and it’s coming soon to a smartphone near you.

  • Is YouVersion the 21st century Guttenberg Bible? (
    The Guttenberg Bible opened the door for the day when the common man would have access to the Bible. God’s Word would no longer be in the sole possession of professional clergy; butchers, bakers and candlestick makers would soon be able to read, study and apply scripture for themselves with or without the guidance of a priest. The world would never be the same.When my friends at Lifechurch launched YouVersion a few years ago I didn’t understand the potential of their project; it seemed like just another online Bible. But they added versions and languages and platforms until it became one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Now anyone with internet access anywhere on the planet has instant access to the Bible in their language. For free. On their phone.
  • YouVersion Mobile Engineer (
    YouVersion, The Bible App is looking for a highly talented, insanely passionate, Jesus follower, who wants to use their skills to impact and change the world as a mobile-focused software engineer!YouVersion is a ministry of…named one of the largest, fastest growing and most innovative churches in America. We are one church in multiple locations and are passionate about our missional use of technology. These passions lead us to start YouVersion in 2007 with a simple vision that God has grown to a community of over 75 million and counting.
  • Videos Feature Comes to the YouVersion Bible App (
    We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand-new feature for the Bible App: Videos. Now you can use the Bible App to watch and share Bible video content, generously provided by YouVersion partners. You’ll find clips from The Bible miniseries, The Lumo Project from Big Book Media and Toy Gun Productions, and even more videos coming soon. You’ll even be able to enjoy clips from JESUS, the Jesus Film Media movie about Jesus’ life that’s already been shown more than 6 billion times worldwide!
  • Really @YouVersion? Focus on the Family Devotionals? (
    I’ve been a fan of the YouVersion Bible app for some time. I like it because it has several of the translations that I use on a regular basis in one hand location. But I think these latest additions may outweigh the convenience of having several translations in one handy-dandy location.
  • One Bible, Many Versions (
    One of the major debates/controversies in Bible translation is the approach taken, usually divided into two sides: formal equivalence (“word-for-word”) and functional equivalence or dynamic equivalence (“thought-for-thought”). From the rhetoric, it would appear as if any who uses the “other” method/approach is no longer faithful to God’s Word.+ Brunn, Dave. One Bible, Many Versions: Are All Translations Created Equal? IVP Academic, 2013.
    One Bible, Many Versions
    This is not strictly an academic book, rather it is the result of the work of a missionary translator from 1980–2001. He translated the Bible into the language of the Lamogai people in Papua New Guinea. Thus, his experience directly and practically relates to finding the best way to communicate the truths of Scripture in the language of the people.
    Several years ago I began teaching about translations. I made the statement that we cannot set up one English translation by which to judge all other English translations. Rather, we have to always go back to the original language texts (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek). Thus, we can look at the English translations as aids in helping us understand what the underlying text is saying/meaning.
  • Voice of the Bible is Key Factor to Audio Bible Appeal (
  • KJV Audio Bible in One Year with Just 20 Minutes a Day! (
    The King James Bible has 66 Books, 1,189 Chapters, 31,100 Verses and 788,280 Words, all which can be read in one year by devoting just 20 minutes per day. The Audio Bible App uses the latest technology and runs on the iPhone and Android operating systems. The app is feature rich and enables the user to both read and listen to the Biblical text with the touch of a button.Alexander Scourby’s voice, which is featured on the Scourby Audio Bible App, is renowned as the best recorded voice in the World by the Chicago Tribune. It’s verse indexed and each verse is synchronized to the Bible Text and thereby delivers the Bible to the user in a Bimodal Presentation. This simple technique is proven to enhance understanding, comprehension and memorization as well as increasing attention levels.
  • Part I: Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God? (
    The Bible has always occupied the central place in the Christian faith. From the time of the writing of the first books of the Old Testament in the days of Moses until modern times the Holy Scriptures have been regarded by all Christian theologians as the unique and incomparable Word of God.
    In the twentieth century more than any previous period of the Christian era there is a rising tide of unbelief and rejection of the authority of Scripture. For sincere Christians who realize that their own faith in God and their joyous hope of the future is vitally related to Scripture there is the demand to re-examine the claims of the Scriptures and to determine, at least for their own satisfaction, whether God has spoken authoritatively in His Word. Rival claims of the Roman Catholic Church for final authority in matters of faith, the beliefs of non-Christian religions, and the conclusions of various national systems of thought tend to oppose the authority of Scripture.
  • My Bible (
    I don’t know what you do with your Bible but I will encourage you to continue studying your Bible. Meditate on it day and night, do what is written in it, and I can assure you that you will succeed in all you do.
  • When the Bible loses its magic. (
    Writing in 1873, Matthew Arnold lamented the way in which the Bible was treated as a book of scientific, dogmatic propositions by many Christians, and therefore rejected by many on that basis too. He argued that after the Reformation, Protestants felt the need for an authority as fixed and as absolute as the Church was to Roman Catholics, and so the Bible came to be “endued with talismanic virtues.”
  • Voice of the Bible is Key Factor to Audio Bible Appeal (
    Alexander Scourby, a pioneer in audio book recordings and the first ever to record the Audio Bible, is regarded world wide as “The Voice of the Bible”.In a recent survey conducted by the company last month, users reported one of the most effective tools in Audio Bible communication is voice of the narrator, the tonal quality and expressions given to each Bible verse which conveys the meaning of that verse back to the user. The users also reported that no one does that better than Alexander Scourby.

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