Sunday Observance

Today, though our Brotherhood is convinced we do not explicitly come together on Sunday to have a service or Breaking of bread, we still do offer such service in places where most people are free on Sunday. But we are convinced and also offer our services on other days and as such, the Belgian ecclesia Brussel-Leuven and Mons has sometimes a Breaking of Bread on Tuesday or on Saturday, whilst the Jeshuaist community has its service on the Sabbath, being on Friday evening and/or Saturday before the sun goes down. We also have our yearly Pesach meeting on 14 Nisan, which is every year on another day, and as such can also be a Monday, Wednesday or any other day.

All our members are at liberty to serve God the way they want and to use the day they want to bring honour to God.

Depending on the structure of a country and the way a community organises itself, people living at a certain place should find a way that as many people as possible would be able to come together for exhortation. That can best be done on a day when most people are free. In the East that shall be on a Friday or a Saturday. In Jewish areas on the Sabbath. In West Europe on Sunday. Though in Belgium the Sunday morning may be the preferable moment to have youth groups and football matches. And Sunday afternoon be the favourite occasion for outdoor sports, like cycling, pétanque, golf a.o., believers should make a choice either to take part in those relaxation activities or going to a meeting to praise God.

More than 100 years ago one of our brothers wrote:

Sunday Observance

The teaching of Scripture is that

“those who are in Christ are not under the Law, but under grace” ( 14, 15),

and consequently enjoy “liberty” in this matter.

Paul says:

“One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike.
Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind ” (Rom.xiv. 5).

But whilst being “fully persuaded” in our own minds, let us not exercise our “liberty” in a manner damaging to the interests of the Truth.


“that all things (being lawful) are not expedient” (1Cor. x. 23).


“abstain from all appearance of evil ” (1 Thess. v. 22).

The Apostolic counsel will safeguard us against allowing our “liberty” to be made the occasion for speaking evil against the Truth. As far as possible we should put aside secular duties and pleasures, and “regard the day unto the Lord”; gratefully recognising God’s overruling providence in the matter, whereby we are able to come together for exhortation, etc.

Let us consider the feelings of brethren and also of the devout stranger. Football, fishing, cycling, etc., although “lawful” on Sundays (if meetings be not thereby neglected) may be a legitimate cause of stumbling and of reproach.

Brethren in love with the Truth will avoid such “occasion to the adversary”.

W. J. White.


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