A strange thing might happen when you come under Christ

Lots of people have a lot of difficulties to come to accept the Biblical Truth. Those who call themselves already Christian are the most difficult to convince that the real Christian has to hold on to other teachings than the standard or main church teachings.

Lots of Christians think they are saved for ever, when they got their infant baptism and proclaim that they are a Christian. They prefer to keep to all the human festivals and the many so called Christian holidays. Though they should come to know how the main churches do not follow the Biblical teachings. The majority worship already an other god than the God of Jesus and have many rites in their worship services which are not in accordance or not according the Will of God.

Everybody should know that we are not saved by our religious affiliations, neither by the amount of money we put into the offering plate or by doing community service. First there has to be the faith in the Only One True God and in His son his ransom offering. Without accepting that offer of the Messiah Jesus Christ or by ignoring what Jesus Christ really has done, dying for us, salvation shall not come unto us.

Now when you truly accept Jesus as your lord, believing that he is the son of God who died for your sins, you shall notice that something shall begin to happen in your life. About that changing state the Scriptures talk about being Born Again. That rebirth is only possible when the person is going down in the water, being immersed as a sign of washing away the sins. By such a true baptism where the person makes the choice for baptism himself or herself, you enter a new phase in life. Being baptized with the Holy Spirit makes the sanctification process starting to begin. It is not an endpoint but a starting point of a new life. A life under Christ. By giving yourself to Christ you become a New Creature.

It does not mean you would not be tempted any more. Even when having become a true Christian you shall have to be strong enough to resist many temptations. But by adapting your life according to the Words of God, you shall notice that it shall be much easier to resist the temptations of this world.

From your step to leave the world for what it is and for going into God’s World, you shall no longer be a slave to the sins that trap so many people, like alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, etc.

You have put away the old and have been set free through Christ.


Dutch version / Nederlandstalige versie: Er kan iets vreemds gebeuren als u onder Christus komt


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