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Nothing ever goes smoothly, it seems. Or if something does it’s almost a shock. Our culture has a name for it: Murphy’s Law. No point in going into all the ways it shows up in daily living. But it might … Lees verder

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Thank you God for revealing yourself to us in the wonders of your creation

    Dear God Thank you for the rain you send to water the ground, and thank you for the sunshine that warms. Thank you for the mighty thunder which we know is your voice, and the beautiful snowflakes which … Lees verder

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The Golden Altar

God built into the tabernacle and the temple a model of our relationship to Him. The curtain (Hebrews tells us) which separates us from the presence of God, is our flesh. We need atonement. But the curtain is not an … Lees verder

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Effective, fervent prayer

(An excerpt from The Epistle of James, by Brother Neville Smart, page 196) How slowly does the human mind come to an appreciation of what the scriptures mean by prayer! It is all summed up in the phrase which Jesus … Lees verder

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Thanks for our fathers

      We pray to the great Spiritual Power the Highest of all, Our Father, Thank you for our fathers. For the love they give, and for the things they teach. We understand that you too are our Father, … Lees verder

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