Prayers for Rulers

From our 1st quarter of the 20th-century writings

The reason given by Paul for

“prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks”….”for kings and for all that are in authority” (1 Tim. ii. 1, 2)

is, that

“we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (verse 2).

Evidently, because the Brotherhood invariably enjoyed the latter, it was, and has been received as a right, and not a privilege; and so, supplications were deemed unnecessary.

When the Great War broke out, however, and conscription came in its wake, along with the merciless “Defence of the Realm Act“, then was realised, and appreciated, the counsel of Paul, and every Sunday, in every Ecclesia, Paul’s counsel was heeded, and its comfort felt.

Thus we can better sympathise with our first century brethren who were citizens of the Roman Empire, symbolised by God to Daniel as the great and terrible Fourth Beast.

F. G. J.



Posture in Prayer


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Over Christadelphians

Free Christadelphians or Brothers and sisters in Christ, living in Belgium, European Union. - Vrijë Christadelphians of Broeders en zusters in Christus wonende in België in de Europese Unie.
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