Who Should Baptise?

Since the time of Jesus first appearance after his resurrection, Jesus’ followers advised people around them to come to Christ and to be baptised. For them not every baptism had the same value, neither could anybody have himself baptised, nor could each person baptise someone else.

Baptism was a sign that the person was willing to give himself or herself to Jesus and to be willing to be a child of God, whitewashed of sins to come into a good relationship with the Only One True God, Jehovah, the heavenly Father of Jesus.

Originally baptism was part of a ceremonial rite of healing and purification, but for the followers of Christ it became the sign of giving oneself to God and declaring to be prepared to avoid sinning. The baptism was by immersion under water unto repentance, symbolically being whitewashed, cleansed from all previous sins, by the shed blood of Christ Jesus. As such the baptism came also to symbolize “death, burial, and resurrection” of Christ and of the person being baptised; the person having his old life (his old I) buried and standing up with the hope of the resurrection by the salvation work of Christ by his ransom offering.

Who Should Baptise?

The unimportance of the detail as to who should perform the ordinance of baptism is evident by the fact that Paul said Jesus “sent me not to baptise” (1Cor. i. 17); in fact, it was a matter of so much indifference to Paul that he could only recall having baptised one or two (1 Cor. i. 16). Even Jesus left the mechanical duty to his companions (John iv. 2).

Of course, it is to be preferred that the baptiser shall himself be a believer; but, if such is not available, then recourse must be had to some obliging friend. All the latter need be requested to do is to immerse the believer, at the same time speaking the words:

“Upon a confession of your faith in the things concerning the Kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ, I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and Holy Spirit”.



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