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Free Christadelphians or Brothers and sisters in Christ, living in Belgium, European Union. - Vrijë Christadelphians of Broeders en zusters in Christus wonende in België in de Europese Unie.

Burial and Mourning Customs

From our archive: writings from a century ago Burial and Mourning Customs Professional mourners are still a feature of Palestine life; just as they were in the Lord’s day (2 Sam. i. 17-27; Joel ii. 12, 13; Luke viii. 52). … Lees verder

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Sunday Observance

Today, though our Brotherhood is convinced we do not explicitly come together on Sunday to have a service or Breaking of bread, we still do offer such service in places where most people are free on Sunday. But we are … Lees verder

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Unfermented Bread and Wine

In certain Christian denominations, people are seriously thinking they are eating God when they go to communion to receive the Eucharist. They do not only believe God incarnated some two thousend years ago, but think he still does it daily, … Lees verder

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Prayers for Rulers

From our 1st quarter of the 20th-century writings The reason given by Paul for “prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks”….”for kings and for all that are in authority” (1 Tim. ii. 1, 2) is, that “we may lead a quiet … Lees verder

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Houding in gebed

Een eind 19de begin 20ste eeuwse kijk hoe God te aanbidden. Vandaag zijn wij er van overtuigd dat wij in de kerkdienst ook gezeten ons gebed waardig aan God kunnen opdragen. God heeft geen vaste regel vastgelegd over welke houding … Lees verder

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Posture in Prayer

A late 19th, early 20th century look at how to worship God. Today we are convinced that while sitting in the church service, we also can dedicate our prayer worthily to God. No hard and fast rule has been laid … Lees verder

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Rechterhand van gemeenschap

Indien men zich wil aansluiten bij een Christadelphian ecclesia, kan men makkelijk door iedereen in de gemeenschap individueel begroet worden. Als de ecclesia echter samengesteld is door zeer veel mensen is zulk een persoonlijke begroeting door elk lid niet altijd zo vanzelfsprekend en werkt de dienstdoende presiderende broeder als vertegenwoordiger van elk ander lid in de gemeenschap om de rechterhand aan te bieden en het nieuwe lid welkom te heten. Lees verder

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Right Hand of Fellowship

If one wants to join our Christadelphian community, one can easily be greeted individually by everyone in the community.
However, when the ecclesia is composed by a great many people, such a personal greeting by each member is not always so obvious and the presiding brother on duty works as a representative of every other member in the community to offer the right hand and welcome the new member. Lees verder

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Who Should Baptise?

Since the time of Jesus first appearance after his resurrection, Jesus’ followers advised people around them to come to Christ and to be baptised. For them not every baptism had the same value, neither could anybody have himself baptised, nor … Lees verder

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The Dead Sea

From an early 20th century view of the Dead Sea or Salt Sea, with the realisation that at the beginning of the 21st century the data below no longer correspond with the current reality. The Dead Sea is never so … Lees verder

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