Leading Grecian Dates

Inseparably bound up with the Grecian History is the name of Alexander the Great, son of Philip, king of Macedonia. Philip reduced the Greeks to subjection and was appointed General of all Greece. On his assassination, Alexander succeeded to his throne and office, and in the short space of 13 years conquered the known world, and died of fever at Babylon when only 33 years old.

The following dates are worth being impressed on the mind of the Bible student:

— 1. Total defeat of Persian invaders under Xerxes in sea fight of Salamis, B.C. 480; and on land at Platsea, B.C. 479.
2. Athens rebuilt; period of splendour in Art and Literature; jealousy of Athens by other Greek States leads to Peloponnesian War, B.C. 431.
8. Fall of Athens; death of Socrates, B.C. 400.
4. Internecine warfare almost constant; invasion by Philip of Macedon; battle of Chaeronea; Philip becomes supreme, B.C. 338.
5. Death of Philip; Alexander succeeds, and immediately destroys revolted Thebes, B.C. 386.
6.”Does according to his will” by invading Persian Empire, which he destroys in three battles — Granicus, B.C. 334; Issus, B.C. 333; Arbela, B.C. 331.
7. Overruns Palestine and visits Jerusalem, B.C. 332.
8. Dies at Babylon after penetrating into India, B.C. 323.
9. Inter-necine wars of Alexander’s successors lead to Roman intervention, terminating in Roman conquest, B.C. 68.

W. J. Young

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