Challenging claim

A challenging claim

The Bible comes before us, then, demanding to be heard as the Word of God.

Gutenberg Bible - detail from the Old Testament

Gutenberg Bible – detail from the Old Testament (Photo credit: National Library of Scotland)

“Thus saith the Lord”, and phrases like it, are an integral part of the fabric of the Old Testament. To remove all those parts of scripture claiming Divine inspiration for themselves, or recognising it in others, would leave but little remaining. The
Apostle Peter’s claim that the Jewish scriptures were produced when “holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21) is either true or it is a pious fraud. But when we realise the extent to which the Lord Jesus Christ himself – not to
mention his apostles – recognised that same Old Testament as the authoritative Word of God, there ought to be no doubt that the attitude of a true follower of Christ should be the same.

“Have ye not read?”; “It is written”; “What saith the scripture?” – these were favourite phrases of the Master when referring to the largest part of what we now know as the Bible.
Significantly too, the Lord Jesus claimed no less of an inspired authority for his own words (see John 17:8); he promised his apostles that they too would be supernaturally guided by the Holy Spirit (John 14:26; 15:26,27; 16:13-15); and the early Bible Christians
took it as a foundation doctrine that “all scripture (both Old and New Testaments by then) is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable …” (2 Timothy 3:16).
Such a challenging claim by the Bible about itself leaves no middle way for our personal reaction to its message. We must either accept or reject it. For if the claim is false, then the Bible’s message is of no real value, and the Gospel of salvation it contains is but a figment of man’s imagination. But if the claim is true, then the Bible’s message commands obedience and its Gospel offers the true hope of life beyond the grave.

The Bible’s claim is no academic exercise: it is a matter of life and death.


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  • The Way to Life (
    Consider the Bible as the Map for life. Its wisdom spans many centuries, yet millions today find its message as fresh and relevant as ever. They find that its principles work in daily life – in every stage of life. They discover purpose for living. That purpose gives them hope for now and for the future – even beyond this life. They believe in a home with God forever. In other words, they believe the Bible when it claims to speak for God.
  • Reading Scripture as non-Scripture (
    “By what right do you claim the Bible just for your church and exclude mine?” No one has yet posed this question in response to “Unitarianism and the Bible of the Holy Trinity“; but it’s the question I would ask if I were a unitarian.
    My argument merely asserts that an indivisible relationship exists between the sacred writings and the historic community that incorporated them into its life as Holy Scripture, however that community is identified.
    Unitarianism and the Bible of the Holy Trinity
    Jesus and the Spirit are “divine” (in some sense), but only the Father is the one God. Consider, for example, a recent blog article by Kermit Zarley: “Can Genuine Christians Be Trinitarian or Non-Trinitarian?“ Zarley begins his article with the announcement that through scripture God has enlightened him “that being a Christian has nothing to do with being Trinitarian. Contrary to church dogma, you don’t have to be a Trinitarian to be a Christian. And being a Trinitarian doesn’t disqualify you from being a Christian.
    Zarley tells us that God has revealed to him the falsity of Trinitarianism. Apparently it’s not enough simply to offer arguments. We need to preface them with a claim to divine inspiration. Well, I refuse to be intimidated. No one plays the divine inspiration card better than we Eastern Orthodox. Catholics may have a Pope whom the Holy Spirit protects from grievous error under specific, limited conditions, and charismatics may have a Holy Spirit who helps them to find parking spaces; but we Eastern Orthodox not only have the Great and Holy Ecumenical Council of Nicaea to undergird our faith in the Holy Trinity, but we also have godly theologians who have been filled with the uncreated energies of the Creator—all of whom, without exception, confess the Deity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Catholic Church: The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against Her (
    The Church completed selecting the canon of Scripture in the 4th century AD. Up until that point the teaching Magisterium of the Church was the only and final authority on all matters of faith and morals. The Bible came from the Church. The Bible alone is not the final authority in matters of faith and morals. The teaching Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church is the final authority, because she and only she can interpret scripture correctly.Prior to having access to the Bible, no one could claim that the Bible alone was the pillar and bulwark of the truth. Those who say this claim to have mastery of the scriptures. Only the Church has mastery over the scriptures, because only the Church masters the Truth.
  • The Third Word: Scripture twisting is blasphemy (
    The Westminster Larger Catechism gives a biblical exposition of the sins forbidden in the Third Commandment.  Let’s consider one of the phrases found in answer 113:  “The sins forbidden… are …misinterpreting,misapplying, or any way perverting the word, or any part of it…”To mishandle the Word of God is to take the Name of God in vain.  God’s Name is one part of His self-disclosure in His Word.  God reveals Himself, He reveals His Name, by His Word. To misinterpret, misapply, or pervert His Word is blasphemy.
  • Conversations at the Mosque – Islam v Christianity ( My guide was a young lady called Faiza who had such a sweet humble nature, it was a pleasure to talk to her. She had a profound love of God and a desire to serve him and dedicate her life to him.  She was keen to share her faith and I mine.
  • Reading Scripture as non-Scripture ( “By what right do you claim the Bible just for your church and exclude mine?” No one has yet posed this question in response to “Unitarianism and the Bible of the Holy Trinity“; but it’s the question I would ask if I were a unitarian.
  • Purpose of Scripture ( All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. One of the major purposes of the word of God is for Instruction. Instruction in this sense refers to Training That Grooms A Person. This is education that helps a person acquire basic knowledge needed for his personal growth and development and in extension the development of the society.
  • God & Logic ( Logic is essential to everything we do, including our reading of the Bible.  If the Bible is not revealed through logical propositions, then the Bible is meaningless metaphors and fairy tales that have no point of contact with any kind of knowledge whatsoever. + The starting point for all knowledge for the Christian worldview is the beginning axiom that Scripture is the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16).
  • The Scripture Cannot Be Broken ( Skeptics may pose certain difficulties in the Bible, evolutionists may ridicule its account of creation, and sinners in general may try to wriggle away from its moral constraints, but the Scripture cannot be broken! + many modern “Christian” intellectuals and cultists are following in the example of the Pharisees, rather than that of Christ, “wresting” the Scriptures for their gain but “unto their own destruction” (II Peter 3:16). God has spoken plainly in His Word. It is our responsibility to believe and do what He says.
  • The Wonderful Word of God ( Believers must have the Word of God and be growing in the Word of God to be disciples of Jesus Christ. + I must not take liberties with God’s Word of Truth.  Charles Spurgeon said, “You don’t have to defend or correct a line of Scripture; it is like a lion—just let him out of the cage and he will take care of himself!”
  • Inspirational week 44 2013 – The Word so strong and powerful ( we see how Jesus uses His knowlegde of Gods word (Bible) to be able to see through the lies of the devil and use the Word to defeat the devil. How wonderful is God that He gives us everything we need through the Bible to grow as Christians and being able to defeat the devil.
  • The Word Comes to Life ( I would think of scripture memory as another item on the checklist to prove to God who was really holy. Scripture memory was a burden to me, and I wanted nothing to do with it. Until recently. + Over the past few years I have spent time in the morning reading the Bible and meeting with God; however, during this period I simply could not settle down and focus, so I decided to try to memorize scripture instead. Honestly, it took awhile for any real results to show. I would memorize a couple verses a day in the morning, and then spend the rest of the day reciting them in my mind to make sure I didn’t forget them. + I was memorizing scripture and meditating on it little by little. Then it was like someone dumped gasoline on the fire and it exploded!
  • 2014 April 09 update:

  • Holy Bibles Top 10 Heros (
    Just for fun lets take a look at the top ten biblical heroes. We’ll make the criteria for our top ten list lasting influence, holiness and devotion to the Lord. I’m going to have to split this up over two posts….
    5-1 greatest Bible heros

    Can you imagine the pandemonium when Jesus comes into the presence of millions?  So much so, people throw their crowns at his feet…Think the Popes audiences are big?  Just wait, until Christ comes to America??  Holy mackerel Andy!!  People will be lined up from Atlanta to Chicago!! Now lets take a looksy at one-five…Time to continue the countdown, if you haven’t read finalists 10-6, read the previous post below.

  • A Bible Teacher’s Worshipful Memorial Service (
    You learn to worship as you read the Bible. I don’t know what kind of person I’d be if I didn’t have Christ in my life. Studying the Bible helps me grow
  • Sermon: Dietrich Bonhoeffer (
    what we learn through studying the Gospels is that Jesus was a big fan of the Old Testament, he quoted it about 80 times in the Gospels, the most memorable being when he had been in the desert 40 days and rebuked the devil. Seems that Jesus had been considering Deuteronomy when the devil came along, because all three of his rebukes came from that book.
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