Posture in Prayer

A late 19th, early 20th century look at how to worship God. Today we are convinced that while sitting in the church service, we also can dedicate our prayer worthily to God.

No hard and fast rule has been laid down by God as to what posture must be adopted when we approach Him in prayer.
He has distinctly laid it down as absolutely essential, that those who worship Him must worship Him in “Spirit and in truth” (John iv. 23). But as to whether we do so standing or kneeling, matters not.

Various examples are recorded in theWord: Kneeling (2 Chron. vi. 13; Psalm xcv. 6; 10; Luke xxii. 41). Standing (1 Kings viii. 22; Luke xviii. 13). Prostration (Deut. ix. 18; Matt. xxvi.39).

In the Ecclesial Meetings, standing certainly seems the most convenient, and kneeling in our private devotions.

F. G. J.


Nederlandse vertaling / Dutch translation: Houding in gebed


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