As brothers and sisters showing that you are followers of the real Jesus or being a Jeshuaist sharing responsibilities

In the world people have to make the choice if they want to follow the world with its many traditions or want to go for living according to God’s laws and provisions and following His son.

Jehovah is the God of gods Who wants to be praised and worshipped as the Only One True God. He has sent His son to the world so that the world could come closer to Him. That son of God is the son of man born in Bethlehem, who lived for a long time in the household of Joseph and Mary in Nazareth and who was called Jeshua ben Yosef and got better known as Jesus Christ.
This Nazarene man went out preaching and calling people to follow him. Adhering to a person or following a person his ideas and teachings, the name of that person is often taken with the ending “-ist”. As such a follower of Calvin is often called a Calvinist, the same as a follower of the doctrines of Marx is called a Marxist. The same a follower of Jesus, whose real name is Jeshua, can be called a Jeshuaist and the followers called belong to Jeshuaism.

In this world where lots of people say they are a Christian but do not really follow the teachings of the Christ nor worship the same God as Christ Jesus, because they worship a Trinity, a person following the real Christ could indicate he is a follower of Jesus, saying as a follower of the teachings of Jeshua that he or she is a Jeshuaist. By calling himself or herself a Jeshuaist there can exist no doubt that person worships the God of Christ and has not taken Jesus as their god.

Claiming to be a follower of Jeshua or indicating to be a Jeshuaist, the other people around him or her should come to see and hear that this Jeshuaist or follower of Jeshua follows the person Jeshua (Jesus) and his teachings.  All those who say to be followers of Jeshua  give the world a sign that they are following the real Jesus Christ who is the only begotten son of God and is not a god son or part of a Holy Trinity.

Together those Jeshuaists or followers of Jeshua as followers of the Nazarene Jesus Christ feel part of the Body of Christ which is offered to the world as a means to come closer to God. All the different groups of followers of Jeshua should recognise the importance of each member, like there are different elements and organs in a human body. Together they all should belong to one great family. As brothers and sisters they should unite, should be one with each other and one with Christ like Jesus is one with his Father.

Together they should form an ecclesia or with all those ecclesiae form ” The Church”, making a strong united spiritual family of believers. We should know that our relationship with God correlates in various ways with our relationships with one another. If you ignore the “one anothers” in the Bible, you won’t receive everything God wants to give you.

Imagine a child who ignores his siblings but wants to be close to his father. His relationship with his dad will be hindered by his disconnection from his brothers and sisters.

writes Tony Evans in his book Horizontal Jesus: How Our Relationships with Others Affect Our Experience with God.

God wants you to be a dynamic part of a local body of believers so you can position yourself to experience more of Him as you engage with others. When position yourself in the world it is necessary you take your position. As such it is important that you dare to show and say what you believe.  In case you always say that you are a Christian to avoid discussion about you not believing in the Trinity, you are hiding behind a false facade.  Those who call themselves a Jeshuaist show clearly that they do not want to hide in who they believe and declare openly that they go for the real Jesus, the Nazarene prophet and master teacher Jeshua, who is declared the son of God and who is not God Himself.

Daring to make clear that you believe Jesus Christ is the son of God and not God Himself is one of your responsibilities in the Body of Christ. The other responsibility is forming a close family.

The Church family is to be a place where those who are spiritually weak or sick can find help, hope, healing, and restoration in Christ’s name.

Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ. — Galatians 6:1–2

The Greek word translated “restore” means to mend something that has been broken. It sometimes referred to mending a broken bone. The bone would be reset so it could grow back together and be restored to its original function. Or if a fisherman tore his net, he would restore it by mending the place that was torn.

The process of restoration doesn’t always feel good at the time, but it should produce a good result. Restoration is like braces on crooked teeth. They might hurt when the orthodontist tightens them or as the teeth shift into place. But ultimately, the restored smile will be worth the pain.

Before people can be restored, they must acknowledge that something has been broken or torn and needs to be mended. In the same way that people go to the hospital to regain their health, people who come to church ought to be able to find restoration for their broken lives. God uses us to mend one another according to our original design as much as possible.

As brother and sister following the real Jesus Christ, or Jeshua, you as a Jeshuaist or a Brother  or Sister in Christ or Christadelphian should show and share the peace of Christ and make that you too can be a healing part in his body.


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