Don’t provoke ‘thin-skinned’ Putin, says former Nato secretary general


Western allies must avoid provoking “thin-skinned” President Putin who now has a “messianic obsession” with Russian greatness, a former Nato secretary general has said. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, who led the alliance between 1999 and 2003, said Britain and other nations should be careful with their language because the Russian leader now has a “dangerous mind-set” and could escalate his response. The Labour peer, who has met Putin on several occasions, warned in a lecture on the future of European security delivered today that there was no doubt the Russian leader had convinced himself that the West was a threat and that “every insult is a stab wound”.

“The man in the Kremlin has a remarkably thin skin and we should avoid provoking him into even more reckless violence against the Ukrainians. “Today, closeted away from the virus and from the real world, that emotionalism has been boiled up with a messianic obsession with Russian greatness. It has produced a dangerous mindset.”


This article is fascinating in the light of the “push” – or provocation – of Putin we have long looked for. Lord Robertson who was Nato secretary general is explaining how provoking Putin could lead to extremely unpredictable outcomes and vastly increases the dangers for the world. Provoking Putin has caused a “dangerous mindset” in him. Amazingly he even says that every insult made against Putin is a “stab wound” to him. The word ”push” means to “gore” as a goat goring with a horn. It is like a stab! Exactly what Lord Robertson says Putin feels.

The Bible says that Putin will think an “evil thought” to invade Israel. Putin (Gog) does indeed have a “dangerous mindset” …..

and he [Gog / Putin] shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain. And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push [Hebrew word “gore”] at him: (Daniel 11:40)

The push is some type of military provocation and it is a personal provocation of HIM ie Gog the king of verses 36-39. The provocation is undertaken by the king of the south US/UK

Andy Walton

Find the Weekly World Watch: 15-21 May 2022


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