Colour-blindness and road code

Traffic lights

Red traffic light, with "absent"/&qu...

Red traffic light, with “absent”/”abwesend” on the side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A colour-blind driver comes in front of the red light and see the upper light burning as green. He thinks it is green and continues to drive on. He then is so cross with the other drivers which come form the other direction and is mad at them, putting up his middle finger when they shout to him it was red for him and he had to wait.

At an other moment in the day he walks in town and is annoyed with all the business. Wanting to cross the street he sees the pedestrian lights, having the little man with his legs together burning. Being colour-blind recognising red to be green, he crosses the streets and is run over. Taken into hospital he is cross with the police officer and with the nurse telling him he ran over the street, ignoring the red light. When the officer says to him he should have seen the legs of the little man being together, while the light of the little figure with open legs was not burning. Showing the road code where is written that the upper light means ‘stop’ and the light at the bottom means ‘Go’, the man becomes more cross and says “you are a copper, so you say bullshit”.


When we walk on the streets or use a bike, motorbike or car, we have a traffic regulation and a Highway code. When there is a traffic offence the traffic wardens, police and the judge refer to the necessity to keep to the traffic rules and let the offender know he has to follow the traffic signs and the traffic law. This in general is necessary for road safety.

Everyday we are on our way . We are always confronted with thoroughfare and have to be careful for ourselves and for others in traffic.

A friday afternoon, traffic in the red light d...

A friday afternoon, traffic in the red light district (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our life, in a certain way is also a cloverleaf of many roads. In our life we also do have a road safety training ground, and there are also several control towers on our globe. It all depend on ourselves how we depart from the driver education training ground.

At school we are also all given the book with the traffic code and the rules of traffic clearly explained with many examples, drawings and photographs. It has become part of the syllabus in the obligatory education program.

In Belgium religion is also an obligatory subject and people do have to make the choice which religion they want to follow. But in ethics, morals, humanism as well as religion all have to learn about other opinions and religions and the books they follow. As such everybody comes to read in Belgium parts (if not all) of the Torah, Tanakh, Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), Greek or Messianic Scriptures (New Testament), Koran (Quran), Philosophical writings and different modes of life.


The various amount of literature to give the students an idea about ways people looked for to guide their life, should give some background so that they later can find themselves a suitable guideline and a path to follow.

For Christians their choice should be the Bible, the Book of books, which is a library of 66 books from different time periods and different authors in different styles, running from history books, to guidebooks or directions, parables or stories, poetry and songs.

The Bible, people should get to know, is the best guide book for life people can have. In it is everything explained what people should know to make the best of their life. It is a book to take or to leave. Every individual shall have to make his own individual choice and shall have to decide for himself how much time he is willing to spend to study that code book.

Like any study book, it depends on how much time a person is willing to give to it, and how much he is willing to read of it, to give him enough knowledge to pass the exam. To pass one’s exam the person has to show enough knowledge of the material. The same it is for the test of life. A person has to retake levels where he did not proof to be good enough. We can have to resit many subjects and levels in our life. It is a path of falling and standing up again.

We have the examination paper. Every candidate has to rely on himself and may not count on the work of an other testee or applicant for the job.

Seminar or Course instructors

Accepting the course material. The courses on offer may be very varied, but every applicant shall be responsible for their own choices. The course supervisor can only help in the chosen subject with the right course material.  If the student insist to keep following other books and other instructions, the course instructor shall not be able to help much, when all his advice is ignored.

To get your Bachelor or Master you will need some time. In many countries there is an academic year which people have to go through and have to show through those years they can master certain parts of the material to be known.

When there is by a certain time no sign of having a thorough command of the material, having no fluency in the language of the subject, the student shall fail.

It is the same in our life. We also have been given a free Guide Book or a syllabus we shall have to come to understand. We are also given different instructors and different schools where we can choose from.

When we want to reach the top and become the best one in the field we shall look for the best professor. The Divine Creator has provided the best instructors and has given for free a master teacher who explains everything what the previous master had already told, but in an easier manner. This Master Teacher is the best rabbi we can have, and we do not have to pay for his instructions. The course-fee is only the demand of given time.

This most important teacher the world given, is a man who lived some two thousand years ago on this globe in the Middle East. already at his birth he was visited by wise man, who understood the importance of this newborn who was going to be the King of kings.

Showing the Way

In Bethlehem he was born, in Nazareth he grew up. Like any of us, he had to learn everything. Like any of us there are some things he also did not know. He was not afraid to tell others when he did not know something. He knew that God is the only one Who knows everything, but he is lesser than God and he cannot replace God, like no human teacher can replace God.

Human teachers can only try to help others to find ways to come to something or to know something. They have received the gift of teaching from the Creator and may be happy that they can help others in their life.

We all have to learn something to do a job, enabling to gain our life. But we have to gain our life also on a much more important way. and therefore we need the Master teacher from Nazareth, the Jew Jeshua or Jesus Christ, the Kristos of Christ, the anointed of God, who is the Messiah or Saviour of all.

Because there are so many people who do not know him yet or who have wrong concepts of him, we did find it necessary to give this man an introduction by using also lots of his own words and showing his teachings, so that more people would come to know that master teacher and his teachings better.

You can find the introduction to that Master Teacher or rabbi Jesus, on “Messiah for all” where shall be made an effort to show the reasons why we do have to believe that master teacher and have to follow him, because he is the Way to life, the way for us all to get a better life in a kingdom which overrules all other kingdoms and political systems we have had so far.


Please do find our new website, showing this master teacher and what he has done: “Messiah for all“.


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