Meditation – Pride

(With thanks to Brother Peter Mason)

Pride is a deadly thing and it shows itself in subtle ways. A certain blind man sat on the Jericho Road begging, when one day he heard the noise of excited crowds and asked what it was all about. Jesus of Nazareth passed by, but the blind man wouldn’t let him pass by!

“Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me”.

Luke tells us

“and Jesus stood”.

A few moments later the man’s sight was restored.

We too can be blind to our own faults and weaknesses and because of pride would rather stay blind than call out for Jesus’ help. If so, Jesus of Nazareth will pass us by.

After Jesus had fed the 5,000 he sent his disciples by ship to Bethsaida whilst he dispersed the people and spoke with his Father in prayer. When the disciples were about halfway across the lake a strong wind arose and they were soon in difficulties. Then Jesus began to walk towards them on the sea. Mark tells us he would have passed them by, but the disciples cried out in fear, and immediately Jesus was with them in the boat and the wind ceased.

From time to time as we journey through life we encounter storms and some are very severe – life becomes difficult, almost impossible. Sometimes we can be so full of pride that even though we are battling against the fiercest storm we do not cry out for his help. And so Jesus will have passed us by. But just one cry, and he will be there with us in the ship and immediately the storm will cease.

James reminds us that

“God resists the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble”.

We all need the grace of God. If we think we are so strong, so capable, can sort things out for ourselves, then let us remember the words of Jesus,

“without me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).



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