Putin is sabre-rattling at the West’s moment of maximum weakness

While Russian military is at its strongest for years, the UK is preoccupied with domestic politics, the US is distracted and Nato is divided.

Russia’s military is at its strongest and most capable since the Cold War. Its public finances are also in good order, and Mr Putin may believe he is well-placed to bear the  costs of conflict and inevitable sanctions. The West is conversely at a moment of historic economic, military, and political weakness. One opinion voiced in Moscow is that Joe Biden is likely to be a one-term president, and will seek to settle quarrels with Russia before he leaves office so he can leave America better positioned to its coming show-down with a much more serious foe – China. The UK is preoccupied with domestic political dramas, and Nato’s European members are divided – as Mr Biden clumsily admitted, and Emmanuel Macron demonstrated, in separate remarks on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Ukraine is slowly growing stronger.

In July 2021 Putin published his own 5000 word article entitled “On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians.” The Russian leader used the essay to reiterate his frequently voiced conviction that Russians and Ukrainians are “one people.” The essay was seen by some as a declaration of war. His essay concludes with the ominous words

““I am confident that true sovereignty of Ukraine is possible only in partnership with Russia.”

So Putin wants control of Ukraine. The article in the Telegraph says that Putin sees this time as the best opportunity to invade. The West is weak and divided. Russia has strong reserves and Putin himself is still strong. Putin’s plan is about to be actioned.

Thus says the Lord God,

“It will come about on that day that thoughts will come into your mind, and you will devise an evil plan, and you will say,

‘I will go up against an open country; (Ezekiel 38:10 Amplified)

This verse is about Putin’s plan to invade Israel but it shows he does plan and devise evil schemes – such as the only he is planning with Ukraine.

Andy Walton

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