Sings of the times – Difficult moments at the borders of Europe

Last year the International Crisis Group said the world could witness possible conflicts between Israel and the Palestinian territories this year, as well as a war involving Israel, the United States, and Iran.

Last few weeks, we heard a lot about Russian troops shoving up close to countries at the borders of the European Union.

We could see that France’s nuclear meltdown has big implications for Britain. We also saw that Europe is still under siege of Covid-19; NHS will begin sacking unvaccinated staff next month, according to new guidance. Nicola Sturgeon at the beginning of this month had confirmed that Scotland will lift most remaining restrictions whilst Sarah Knapton disclosed that cases are approaching levels lower than when ‘Plan B’ was triggered, with figures suggesting that the worst is over. And James Lawson makes a compelling case as he writes “We have won the Covid war, now let’s win the peace”.

In Syria’s brutal civil war many people got displaced but when those who fled torture and abuse to seek refuge in Europe came in our regions they discovered that some of those who persecuted them are living alongside them.

The world entered 2022 with Russia once again flexing its muscles. After 25 days not only Ukraine feels the warmth under her ice-cold feet. The European Union, NATO and the United States become more and more agitated by the build-up of Russian troops, and fears that President Putin is about to order an invasion of Ukraine. The United States, Nato and the EU are trying their best to deter him with threats and rhetoric, but unless they put troops on the ground, can they really stop a Russian attack?
Global Questions travels to Kyiv where the Sudanese-British television and radio journalist, Zeinab Badawi and her panel of politicians and experts will take questions from a local audience to discuss crisis in Ukraine.

We clearly can see, and perhaps already starting to feel, that peace seems very much in danger. Not the danger of war we saw this weekend in Brussels, hundreds of people (from the 50 000 protestors) attacking the police forces and destroying streets, shops, state and private buildings. But a war looming in the east, with Russia and Ukraine the big players.

Whilst there are more than one crisis going on in the world we can find people under pressure and having to cope with local crises. For Christadelphians who noticed the increase of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well notice the political actions in the world this weekend the reading of three parables in Matthew 25 have come of more interest to learn from them in these times of tribulation.

In the first parable where we read of the ten virgins, half of whom are wise, we got to think about the “oil” representing “faith”. From this story we should remember that faith cannot be second-hand, it cannot be replenished in a moment. But what is very important of this and the other two parables, is that we should be ready at all times to expect the return of Christ.

We should let Christ’s challenging words illuminate our minds

“Watch therefore, for you know neither the day not the hour”.

This request is more important than ever, for the storm clouds illuminating human helplessness are greater than ever, and the wise virgins need to be together whenever they can.

In our life, have we waited patiently for the Most High to be with us? Did we work at ourselves and got a relationship established with God? When the moment of the Last Days shall come shall we like David be able to sing:

“I have told the glad news of deliverance …” (Psalm 40:9) “I have not hidden your deliverance within my heart, I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation. I have not concealed …” (Psalm 40:10).

Have we taken time enough to proclaim the Gospel? As Christians did we follow the teachings of Christ and did we go out into our surroundings to talk about that marvelous message of salvation?

Is it now the time of which is spoken in Matthew 24 where we read the message and warnings of Jesus to his disciples that

“the gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all …” (verse 14).

The disciples had the responsibility to start this work, but Throughout the ages we could see that Jesus’ warnings,

“many will come in my name … and they will lead many astray” (verse 15).

brought man away from the Biblical Truth. Though it is very importatn that people come to know and come to keep themselves to that Biblical Truth.

In case the Third World War would start tomorrow, are we ready to be strong enough to endure it with great expectancy for the return of Christ?
Shall we also be pleased to continue to spread the Good News, when there is so much bad news around us?



Andy Walton’s Weekly World Watch of October 17 – 23, 2021

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