A Father Who has invited us to join His family

This month, in many countries Father’s Day is celebrated. People want to honour their worldly father, but for us, it also could be a moment to think especially about our heavenly Father, Jehovah.

We have the son of the heavenly Father who bought us with a price.

“ for ye were bought with a price: glorify God therefore in your body.” (1Co 6:20 ASV)

Because his heavenly Father accepted that ransom price we are saved. But we also can now come close to Jesus his heavenly Father.

By means of the ransom, Jehovah made it possible for us to have a warm relationship with Him. We have the honour of addressing the greatest Person in the universe as Father. We can look up at Him and know He is the ideal Father Whom we always can trust.

Like one Bible writer, we might ask:

“With what will I repay Jehovah for all the good he has done for me?” (Ps. 116:12)

The answer is that we can never repay our heavenly Father.

Still, we feel moved to love him


Nederlandse versie / Dutch version: Een Vader Die ons heeft uitgenodigd om zich bij Zijn familie aan te sluiten

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