Redemption # 1Biblical doctrine of salvation

The biblical doctrine of salvation speaks from the Old Testament, and is a consistent teaching throughout the Scriptures there. It is God’s solution for the sin of man. Because it is the path appointed by Him, it is the only way.

In the chapter about “The revealed Word” We have found that biblical Christianity is distinct from (almost) all other religions in that it moves around a revelation of God to man, where other religions leave it to the man himself to find God, or the divine. In that context presents that revelation, that is the Bible, a specific plan of redemption. The Bible presents as a problem the fact that man has failed through disobedience to God. That applies not only to the first man, but also for all after him. The inevitable consequence is his eventual death:

“Wherefore, as by one man sin entered the world, and death, so also death passed upon all men by sin, because all sinned” (Romans 5:12).

COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Sculptuur voorstellend ...

After birth we all shall be under the curse of the fall of man, having to learn things sometimes the hard way and getting old, facing pains and death. – Old man by Geremboeang Tropical museum TMnr 6307-1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Death, in the Bible, is God’s punishment for disobedience (sin) of man. And the Bible also teaches us that no one is completely without sin, even the best among us are not, and therefore no one can escape death. This leads to an endless cycle of birth, life, sin, death. It turns out that human nature is unable to serve God fully and permanently without ever falling back for a moment in an act of self-interest. That makes man humble (no one can make himself perfect in boast), but it is, as we have noted, at the same time very hopeless.



An unbridgeable gap


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