God’s forgotten Word 3 Lost Lawbook 2 Modern scepticism

Modern scepticism

Modern theologians have a strong tendency to turn away from the Bible, or strongly relativise the teaching of it at least. The Bible would be strongly culture bound, a clear product of its time they say. We live so many centuries later, in a time of discoveries and scientific progress. The old message does not fit in there. They find that it should be translated to modern times‘. How to achieve this, their are different opinions. And even on which days the message would have arisen or how the texts can fit culturally gets now dominate new ideas.

Eén van de vele Kinderbijbels waarin slechts delen van de bijbel aan kinderen worden voorgelegd - One of the many dutch children's bibles where some Bible stories are presented to kids

One of the many dutch children’s bibles where some Bible stories are presented to kids

Who today buys a children’s Bible should not be surprised when he discovers that the story  begins with the Babylonian exile (deportation of the Jewish people to the land of Babylonia in 587 bCE). Because, as we would now know, that is the time when the Jews began to give much thought to their origins (their roots in modern jargon) and then put those thoughts in writing. So they wished to see their origin, even if we know our superior’ knowledge, that it is all ‘mythology’. And it is not without reason that such a ‘Bible’ for adults is published under the title: The story goes …” That’s not a title that you use when you have a fundamental belief in the reliability of the biblical message.


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Dutch original version / Nederlands origineel: Gods vergeten Woord 3 Verloren Wetboek 2 Moderne scepsis



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