God’s forgotten Word 2 Lost Lawbook 1 Who has still interest

The Lost Code

The text you have in front of you is a translation wich comes from a book written in Dutch (Gods vergeten Woord) by the late brother Rudolf Rijkeboer, where a search was delivered to the original message of the Bible, emerged from the belief that the knowledge of it is, for many people, lost in the course of time. Not only the scepticism of the 20th century, but also the influence of Greek thought have  overshadowed that message significantly. But not least also the transformation of the church to state church under Constantine the Great in the fourth century, had a major impact.

Present Christian world similar to Judean kingdom of Josiah

English: King Josiah by Julius Schnoor von Car...

King Josiah by Julius Schnoor von Carolsfeld (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the Judean King Josiah at a young age came to the throne in Jerusalem a long period of idolatry in Judah came to an end. The service of the God of the Bible was restored and the situation seemed to have turned to the good. But in all those years, the people of Judah had forgotten what that service really meant. The knowledge of their God was largely lost, and what remained were only good intentions. However, Josiah decided to recover God’s temple And with that restoration a book came out that appeared to be the Code of Moses. When this was read to the king he immediately realized the situation, despite his reformation, it had departed far from God’s original command to his people. There was much to be done and lots of ‘debris’ to be removed before the situation really was restored.

The current situation in the Christian world is not dissimilar to that one in Judah, at the time of Josiah. In a period of more than a thousand years, during the Middle Ages, in which the common people had no access to the Bible, the medieval church has become far removed from the church of the first century, the knowledge of the original message of the Bible got largely ‘lost’. And the Reformation has not been able to bring sufficiently a substantial change. Who, outside of a small circle of intensive Bible readers know, even today God’s true plan with the world, or why He created the earth; what his real purpose with Creation is, and with us? It’s all clear in that old book, but who knows nonetheless that message yet? And indeed: who still there interested in it?


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Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Gods vergeten Woord 2 Verloren Wetboek 1 Wie heeft nog belangstelling


  • The Destruction Of Ecclesiastical Babylon (whatshotn.wordpress.com)
    Babylon’s description as “the great harlot” refers to the spiritual prostitution and fornication that categorizes the apostate church of the Tribulation which is unfaithful and rejects the Lord Jesus Christ as her husband (2 Pet. 2:1-2). “Great” refers to the harlot system which will reach its zenith after the removal of the true church (genuine believers) by way of the rapture. The prostitute exists today in many forms (Roman Catholicism, liberal Protestantism, the cults, etc.), but after the church is gone, or perhaps even before it is gone, they will unite and become one great ecumenical religious system.
  • Is this the Last Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur? The Rosicrucian Georgia Guidestone’s Final Message to Planet Earth (destination-yisrael.biblesearchers.com)

    Dov Bar-Lieb wrote:

    Maggid Dov Bar-Lieb – “I am posting this now in order to create the signpost that we have reached the End of pre-Messianic history.  For the last several years starting in 5766 (2006), a possibility existed that a Mashiach ben Yoef (Ephraim) figure could arise in Israel that the population would follow and approve of by acclimation.

    Because the Am (people of Israel) simply is not ready for the prospect of taking on the entire Western World, we have simply limped into the time in history with leadership that has no compunction with brown-nosing the nations of the world in order to “Be loved” or to “Survive” the coming onslaught without telling Mankind to “take a hike” with their advice.

    It got so bad last year that our listed PM decided that it was fine to release blood-thirsty murderers from jail for nothing except to distract the nations of the world from sending troops last summer and this fall.  (He basically delayed the inevitable for nine measly months.  9 months… Hmm.)  Today there are basically two powers in the world today: Yishmael and Amalek.  The rest of Edom (Vatican Rome)

  • The Books of the Kings (stevehoong.hubpages.com)

    Elisha is a prophet who succeeded Elijah.

    His strengths and accomplishments will be based on my biblical research and findings which is already proven and confirmed.

    First, he was Elijah’s successor as a prophet of God, Second, he had a ministry that lasted over 50 years; Third, he had a major impact on four nations and these are Israel, Judah, Moab, and Aram. Fourth, he was a man of integrity who did not try to enrich himself at others expense. Fifth, he did many miracles to help those who are in need.
    An History Of The Kings Of Judah
    The Main Events in the Book of First Kings
    The Main Events in the Book of Second Kings

  • Anti-semitic ancient evil (conservativenewsandviews.com)
    Anti-Semitic policy usually follows anti-Semitic attitudes, and broadsides. We see such broadsides today. For example, a blog calling itself Charleston Voice complains of “U.S. Congressmen under control of AIPAC.” (That stands for “American Israel Political Action Committee.”) The most infamous broadside in recent Western history was perhaps Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. But before him, the Russian secret police under Czar Alexander III wrote a screed that Hitler read and cited. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion read like the minutes of a secret meeting of Jewish elders. The agenda of that alleged meeting: how to take over and control the world. (See this page for a wealth of links to various commentaries.) Remarkably, the fall of the old Soviet Union produced one relevant healthy result: a court in Russia actually ruled the Protocols a forgery. Tellingly, the Bolsheviks, after they executed Alexander’s son Nicholas II, never repudiated the Protocols. The Bolsheviks, and their successors the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, would leave that to a post-Communist court.
  • Zephaniah: The Day of the Lord Part 1 (joshuaasipper.wordpress.com)
    God calls on His true, humble followers to seek Him and be spared. God wants them to turn away from evil and not follow the establishment. Ultimately, God’s judgment will be carried out on Judah, but what does God’s judgment look like toward all other nations and how does it translate to today?
  • 10 Theories About Who Really Wrote The Bible (mytechnologyworld9.blogspot.com)
    In 1805, W.M.L. De Wette theorized that the “Book of the Law” discovered in the Temple in Josiah’s reign was in fact Deuteronomy. Proponents of this view think that the document was deliberately planted to be conveniently discovered. The commands in Deuteronomy are identical to the reforms implemented by Josiah, and so the book may have been written by royal propagandists to give divine sanction to the king’s actions.



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