Attackers silenced freedom of speech

In the past people got oppressed by people who wanted to have full power over others. Religion often formed the battleground or was the bone where two dogs were fighting for, and a third one run away with it.

The Biblestudent movement was tampered many times. Certain people in the movement did everything to get in to power and excluded others from their movement. Worse when such persons did everything to silence others and created a stigma around one particular person. Many schism happened in Christendom, churches becoming divided and having new churches formed around a person, sometimes even bearing his name, thought many years later sometimes adhering laws of which that person himself would turn over in his grave.

For some time now the Belgian Christadelphians under the wings of the Christadelphian Bible Mission or CBM with its headquarters in Great Britain, have been bullied and recently came under serious attacks from a country high in the North of Europe. One man and his followers who would love to have the power in Belgium over the Christadelphians, forbids baptised members of his organisation to meet with other Christadelphians.

Because of the resentment by Mr. Marcus Ampe, the responsible for the Belgian Christadelphians, the man of the North tried to silence him, and ‘kill him virtually’. But we are not in a Playstation game or in a Web-game, so the efforts of Mr.D.H. are really an infringement of the liberty of people. With rancour the man from the North rampageous went into attack and succeeded to silence several web-spots of the Belgian Christadelphians like it was nothing.

Ramraiding our websites did upset us very much, so that we not otherwise could come into the open about the problems our Christadelphian community encounters to get believers in one God coming together in peace.

Mr. D.H. making it impossible to meet like-minded people and not willing to give Christadelphians in Belgium the opportunity to offer different places to the general public to come to meet, was and is for Mr. Marcus Ampe unacceptable for someone who calls himself Brother in Christ, because it does not show any from of brotherly-love nor Agapè love.

Mr. Ampe does not like sectarianism which gets his hairs standing up right. The idea somebody would like to get some personal following as their goal, such action smells to sectarianism. The Christadelphian community like many other Bible student-movements do already do have enough problems to prove to outsiders they for sure are no cult. Though this man from the North wanting that everybody in Belgium would confirm his rules and be part of his organisation is creating a dangerous movement, which could be considered as a cult, but would then also damage the whole Christadelphian movement.

Probably because Mr. Ampe and members of his ecclesia do not want to dance to that man from the North his piping and prefer to sing an independent tune, the man from the North went into the attack and managed to silence several spots where Mr. Ampe brought his ideas to the public.
It is beyond us how and why the different websites were closed down for public viewing. In case any person who has a grudge against some one can silence his speaking on the internet, we are coming in a dangerous world of censorship.

Therefore bloggers should come to know of this serious situation of intrusion of Free speech. and we could not let this whole annoying situation stay in are small enclosed household. Because our readers also being involved in the withdrawal of their remarks, having their comments taken of the web, we found this unjustified and unworthy of any organisation residing in what we would hope to be a free democratic country.

We do hope soon to see all the websites and comments placed on it to be public again. But now the relationship with the man of the North is so much damaged, that from the point of view of the Christadelphian CBM members they are aware that they shall have to try to build up a Christadelphian community without the other organisation who does not care about the unity in Belgium but is only concerned to have their own members grow. Strangely enough the organisation of that man from the North carries the word ‘link’ in their name but they refuse to link other Christadelphians with theirs.

It is an absurd situation, knowing that an individual is able to silence an other individual on the web, just like that, without any possible defence.
Mr. Marcus Ampe did not want to take the part of any specific Christadelphian organisation or group, but wanted to find united brothers and sisters in the love of Christ. A pity he did not succeed, but we sincerely hope the general public shall come to find the right ways to come to the truth and shall find nice pastures in the very tiny community of Christadelphians.

Let us hope people will, in the future, not any more be so afraid to meet the Belgian Christadelphians, because they are not with many. We would like to invite any body interested to come to know us better and see for themselves how we want to share the love of Christ and how we do not want any other leader than the Cornerstone Jesus Christ (Jeshua), the Messiah, in a church which belongs to God and not to any particular human person.

We should not forget a A New Commandment is been given to all of us. We all should be pleased that we can come under Christ and therefore we should unite under his name and not under a name of one specific person, be he from the North or the South, or any specific organisation be it from the West or East.

Looking forward to meet you at one of our activities,

in the love of Christ,
the Belgian Christadelphians under the wings of the Christadelphian Bible Mission.


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Stepping Toes

Warning: Those who like censor could be offended with our open-minded attitude to tackle a problem which we have encountered the last few months.

We do request those who can’t bear open speaking to abandon from reading this article, because they might, perhaps by prejudice or partiality, be offended.

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22102006 AC Distrubitie dag bijeenkomst Members of our community at a meeting in the Christadelphian ecclesia Brussel-Leuven. – Heverlee, Leuven

The Belgian Christadelphiancommunity has been under attack by a person who lives in the North of Europe and leads a prosperous organisation which tries to bring people all over the world under their spell.

For years now the Belgian Christadelphians had tried to work together with that man and his organisation, with the idea that people…

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